President Trump’s announcement on the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi quote

November 2, 2019
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Last night, the United States

brought the world`s number-one

terrorist leader to justice.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead.

He was the founder

and leader of ISIS,

the most ruthless

and violent terror organization

anywhere in the world.

The United States has been

searching for Baghdadi

for many years.

Capturing or killing Baghdadi

has been the top

national security

priority of my administration.

US Special Operations Forces

executed a dangerous

and daring nighttime raid

in Northwestern Syria

and accomplished their mission

in grand style.

The US personnel

were incredible.

I got to watch much of it.

No personnel were lost

in the operation,

while a large number

of Baghdadi`s fighters

and companions

were killed with him.

He died after running

into a dead-end tunnel,

whimpering and crying

and screaming all the way.

The compound had been cleared

by this time,

with people either surrendering

or being shot and killed.

11 young children were moved

out of the house

and are uninjured.

The only ones remaining

were Baghdadi in the tunnel,

and he had dragged three of

his young children with him.

They were led to certain death.

He reached the end of the tunnel

as our dogs chased him down.

He ignited his vest, killing

himself and the three children.

His body was mutilated

by the blast.

The tunnel had caved in on it,

in addition.

But test results gave certain,


and totally

positive identification.

It was him.

The thug who tried so hard

to intimidate others

spent his last moments

in utter fear,

in total panic and dread,

terrified of the American forces

bearing down on him.

We were in the compound

for approximately two hours,

and after the mission

was accomplished,

we took

highly sensitive material

and information from the raid,

much having to do with ISIS

origins, future plans,

things that we very much want.

Baghdadi`s demise demonstrates

America`s relentless

pursuit of terrorist leaders

and our commitment

to the enduring

and total defeat of ISIS

and other terrorist


Our reach is very long.

As you know, last month,

we announced that we recently

killed Hamza bin Laden,

the very violent son

of Osama bin Laden,

who was saying very bad things

about people,

about our country,

about the world.

He was the heir apparent

to Al-Qaeda.

Terrorists who oppress and

murder innocent people

should never sleep soundly,

knowing that we will

completely destroy them.

These savage monsters

will not escape their fate,

and they will not escape

the final judgment of God.

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