Covert influence analysis in Zelensky’s speech after exit polls

April 21, 2019
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We did it together! Now there will be no pathos. I just want to say thanks to my parents for their support and for having experienced this. My wife - for strength and endurance. If she had heard everything that was said about me before, she probably would not have married me. Thanks to my wife`s parents, my children, my whole family.

Thank all our team! To all staff, everyone: experts, lawyers, volunteers, observers, call center, thanks to all, everyone. Special thanks to Mrs. Oksana and Mrs. Lube, who cleaned up the above. Thanks to Quarter 95, it`s true what I saw ... You can now be called Quarter 73

Thanks to law enforcement officers for honest service. Thanks to the SBU for keeping me in good shape. I thank all our military and volunteers for saving Ukraine. Thanks to all the reporters.

Thanks to all Ukrainians who supported me. Thanks to all Ukrainians who made a different choice. Thanks to all Ukrainians, wherever you are now.

I promise I will never let you all down!

And finally: while I am not yet president, I can say, as a citizen of Ukraine, to all countries of the post-Soviet Union: "Look at us. Everything is possible."

And we want to show you something. Look, it`s true, this is not installation, this is not a fake. See which sector? 73!

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