How to use

Copy the text you want to check or a Facebook link into the window and click the ANALYSE button.You will get the results of the text analysis in the form of 3 indicators and an explanation.The text, if possible, should not contain html markup. It should be 800-8000 characters. Most languages are accepted, the algorithm is lingua-independent.
To check the text you can also use our extension to the most popular browsers (Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Cent, Slimjet, UC, Sleipnir), downloading it by this link. You will get the final rating by selecting the text on the page and clicking the extension button. For clarification and detailed analysis, you will be offered a link.

What to check: Attackers, armed with methods of psychological influence, use any channels to implement their criminal plans. It can be emails, posts on social networks, news, advertising brochures, television and radio programs, correspondence in a messenger. For example, terrorist recruiters willingly use their zombification skills on social networks getting acquainted with a potential victim and exchanging messages. Having checked the messages of an unknown person on a social network with the help of Leegle, you can be sure that you are not being hypnotized, influenced through your subconsciousness or zombified in any other way.

How to interpret the result: The texts that have been evaluated as High influence can be used for manipulation, consciousness control, brainwashing. It is important to understand that the instilled information is not always in the text itself. For example, news stories with elements of influence on the subconsciousness are used to improve the effectiveness of advertising, which will follow them. Placement of a hypnotic text on the website can increase the clickability of surrounding elements (banners, headers). The use of hypnosis in the pre-election speech of a candidate can increase the response of voters. In other words, the use of techniques of suggestion artificially increases the receptivity of the brain to incoming information and the effectiveness of its assimilation. Suggestion can also be used for peaceful purposes (training, medical hypnosis, auto training, personal growth). Leegle allows to realize the right of any person to be informed about the use of secretive compulsory training (suggestion). To accept or not this influence is the personal choice of everyone.