Leegle service is an informational and psychological security tool for checking text contents for a presence of specific linguistic structures, words and phrases (lingua-attractants) facilitating uncritical acceptance of information.
Known as the techniques of hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), manipulative suggestion, zombification, neuromarketing, latent forced learning, emotional influence, involvement, etc. Each person thinks verbally and therefore is to some extent receptive to suggestion, which is skillfully used by salespeople, politicians, media, crooks, sects, secret services and terrorists by the means of special verbal techniques imposed on people, which subsequently affects their behavior, preferences, motivation and so on.
The use of such influence is illegal since people are not warned about the effect on the subconsciousness. Legislation in many countries prohibits the use of influence on the subconsciousness.
For example, the Law of Ukraine "On Advertising" (Article 8, clause 1) reads as follows: "It is prohibited to use the tools and advertising technologies that act on the consumer's subconsciousness."
A hypnosis-type mental pressure has been noted by the Supreme Court of the United States to be so unduly influential that it deprives someone of their fundamental rights.
Before the appearance of Leegle, there were no tools to counteract this type of the law violation. Only specialists could determine the presence of an effect on the subconsciousness in the text. Today with the help of Leegle anyone can independently identify the level of influence on the subconsciousness.
The special group of risk includes children, elderly and easily inspired people. For example, each destructive sect produces literature, the reading of which causes strong conviction in the imposed ideas. People are starting to follow ingrained behavioral patterns, leading to psychological injury, financial losses and, at times, even death (Blue Whale teenage suicide group). Checking the content of such literature with the help of Leegle, will protect your loved ones from unauthorized interference in their lives.
The algorithm does not check the facts for their accuracy (fact checking) and does not define a lie or fishing web texts (fake news), but false information, especially if it is synthesized by experts, is in the most cases saturated with special words, tricks and turns, helping to convince a reader. When determining the presence of the artificial suggestion, Leegle may also indicate signs of a fake.
Use Leegle to monitor the information received and keep your psychological resources full.

Important notice: Leegle service is provided free of charge as is for the purpose of the technology demonstration. When publishing the analysis results in open sources, please also show some web gratitude. We do not store or analyze the texts in any way other than described for our algorithm. We will record only the estimation results that the text you have checked hass received for statistical purposes.

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